We Did It Again

Wim Hoff Workshop Number 2

Well we did it again, Wim Hoff workshop in Lincoln ran by the wonderful Dan and his team from Boreas Healing

There was a lot of interest this time around which is a great sign that people are searching for ways to improve well-being and health.

The day included

  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Identifying Core Fears or Major Life Obstacles
  • Optimised Breathing & Awareness Exercises and Deep Relaxation
  • Wim Hof Method Breathwork & Coaching
  • Shamanic Drumming Guided Session
  • Shamanic Journeying – Introduction to Lower/Upper World Exploration. Power Animal/Totem Discovery
  • Dynamic Yoga Flow
  • Ice Bath Experience
  • Sun Salutations Yoga Flow
  • Closing Circle

One of the attendees was so impressed she’s booking Dan for another workshop and we have given her the use of our premises so keep an eye on our Facebook pages