Preparing For your Float

A few simple tips and suggestions to get the most from your float

Some Simple Guidelines

Before Your Float Don’t

  • Don’t Shave, legs, beard, anything, the salt water will sting a little.
  • Don’t Drink caffeine or energy drinks, these take you out of float state.
  • Don’t Eat a heavy meal a couple of hours before, nothing too heavy.
  • Dye your hair, you’ll need a few washes if you have just gone neon pink.
  • No alcohol or drugs

Things to do

  • Bring a swimming cap if you wish, optional.
  • You will float in your swimwear
  • During the current climate, you will no doubt prefer to bring your own towel though we do have them.
  • We supply shampoo and body wash for your shower after, please feel free to bring your own.
  • We supply a hairdryer